Voters concerned about exposure to COVID-19 are eligible to vote absentee throughout the year.
New York Residents Cast Ballots For 2020 U.S. Presidential Election
Cualquier votante registrado puede solicitar una papeleta de voto en ausencia por correo y votar de manera segura desde su hogar.
New York City voters will head to the polls Tuesday, Nov. 2, to choose their first new mayor in eight years. 
50 Plus Voters Count
Hear from the candidates on the issues that matter to you
New York City voters will use ranked-choice balloting for the first time in a citywide election when they select mayoral candidates in the Tuesday, June 22, primary.
50+ Voters Count
Black, Hispanic, and Bronx Voters Most Concerned about Crime and Lack of Affordable Housing; 63% Asian Voters Rate Discrimination and Crime as Top Issues; 2/3 Queens Voters Concerned About Crime; Nearly 2/3 50+Voters in Brooklyn Concerned with Crime and Availability of Affordable Housing; Affordability is Top Concern for Manhattan Voters; Staten Island Voters Most Concerned about CrimeOpinions and concerns of 50+ voters count: 3 of 4 voters in the last open mayoral primary were 50+Poll is part of AARP’s “50+ Voters Count” campaign to educate candidates and voters
More than three out of five voters in the last mayoral election were over the age of 50New Yorkers age 50+ helped build our city and make it the great place that it is. As we look to a post-COVID recovery, we need our 50+ neighbors to help rebuild the city and maintain the stability of neighborhoods. These residents have the experience, expertise and commitment to make New York shine again, but they also face challenges that must be addressed. Whether you are a New York City elected official, policymaker, candidate, or fellow advocate, you can benefit from understanding the issues faced by our 50+ neighbors and the solutions AARP has identified.
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New York City’s general election is November 2—here’s what you need to know
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