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November is Family Caregiving Month and Military Family Month. As a family caregiver, you may be responsible for managing and administering lots of medication. If you have medications in your home that are no longer needed or expired, AARP Long Island encourages you to dispose of them safely this November.
AARPNY is proud to observe National Veterans and Military Families Month with free seminars, events and resources that include: Family Caregiving, Work/Jobs & Re-Careering, and Fighting Fraud. AARP stands with its NY veteran members, non-members, allies, and partner organizations year-round. AARP's commitment to the Veterans, Military, and Families reflects our core belief in every individual's dignity, worth and potential.
New research reveals top scams facing New York’s military community and ways to fight back
We proudly salute our veterans, military and their families (VMF) who are vital in our country’s identity, as well as our nearly 4 million AARP members who have served. Designated by Congress in 1999, May is Military Appreciation Month, let’s jointly pay tribute to our many heroes who have served and are currently serving in our Armed Forces.
Six Questions Families Need to Ask Regarding COVID-19
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