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Have you always wanted to learn how to dance? Are you a former dancer looking to get moving again? Good news! Dance is available to you at any age, and is good for the mind, body, and soul. While there are a variety of dance styles such as ballet, tap, contemporary, and hip-hop; swing dancing has remained popular for over 100 years! Swing is a style of dance that developed alongside the swing style of jazz in the 1920s. Back then, dancers would move to the tunes of famous jazz musicians such as Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Roy Eldridge, Glenn Miller, and other greats. 
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At AARP, we envision a world where people aged 50-plus are respected and valued in the workforce. This vision also includes empowering the 50-plus community to start new businesses and work for as long as they need or desire. For many, the process of starting a small business is competitive and difficult to navigate. Prospective business owners and entrepreneurs are not offered the unique guidance and resources that they need for success. As people live longer lives and the nature of work evolves, the need to learn new skills and translate experience to new career opportunities will only grow.
AARP NY is proud to present this 4-part virtual series with National Master John Michael Silvederio. The program will guide players through the complex and exciting game of chess, with lessons that advance from beginner to intermediate play.
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AARP NY is proud to present this 4-part series Mah Jongg… Something for Everyone! with instructor Stacy Budkofsky. Mah Jongg is an interactive community-building activity, but it can seem intimidating to those who aren’t familiar with the rules. This program will address various levels of play: beginners, novices, and advanced players alike may benefit from Stacy’s skill-building tips and strategies.
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Join AARPNY to consider ways to meet the challenge of finding purpose & life balance in your post-employment years. You’ll be invited to:
Pet Connection
Join AARPNY for a three-week webinar series that explores the human-animal bond. Experts explore why we love our pets so much, how that evolved, and how animals can enhance our lives as we age. Whether our pets get us outdoors walking, provide companionship and physical contact, or just get us laughing, these relationships can be invaluable and enhance health outcomes.
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From pickle ball to storytelling, AARP invests $87K in six NYS communities
Entrepreneurial Series
Join AARP NY for a three-part virtual Entrepreneurial Series designed to provide small business owners with tools and resources to grow and enhance their businesses.
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The heart of the quest for LGBTQ+ rights is in New York’s Greenwich Village at the Stonewall Inn. In 1969, same-sex dancing could mean being arrested and when police raided the Inn on Friday, June 27, this time they were met with defiance.
AARP NY is proud to celebrate Black Music Month this June to honor African American musical influences and culture. AARP members and guests are invited to join us for a FREE couch concert, plus an interactive hand drumming demonstrations and Caregiving discussion.
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