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Relax your mind with Mondays Mindfulness Meditation!

Mindful Meditation Mondays

Did you know that meditation reduces anxiety, lowers blood pressure and promotes deeper and longer sleep? #AARPNY is proud to present a four-week virtual series, Monday’s Mindfulness Meditation with Virginia C. Oehler MSED, a certified meditation coach.

Practicing meditation and mindfulness could lead to healing qualities for people of all ages. We will explore the following four categories:

1. The pursuit of fulfilling employment
2. Mindfulness Meditation for caregivers and family
3. Health and wellness for self and others
4. Creative energy

The application of meditation and mindfulness principles, for older adults, has proved effective in enriching their lives. Participants who engage in a regular practice of meditation report greater productivity, creativity, a more meaningful contribution, increased ability to concentrate and improved overall health.

Join us as we explore mindfulness meditation and how to harness the practice to impact your professional and personal life and focus on creative energy.

Each session will be held at 4PM EST:
• November 16, 2020
• November 23, 2020
• November 30, 2020
• December 7, 2020

Connect with us and register to receive the ZOOM link:

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