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Make NC a great place to age and help lead a winning team


Our state is aging. By the year 2031, there will be more people over the age of 65 than under 18. North Carolina and its communities need to be prepared. To accomplish this, AARP needs to be focused with strong, thoughtful leadership at the helm.

AARP North Carolina is now accepting applications for a new State President. This volunteer position chairs our volunteer Executive Council and plays a critical role in determining what we do and how we do it. We’re looking for leadership who is engaged in their community, who can both connect at the grasstops level and be rooted in the grassroots, and who can work as part of AARP to help make our state truly the best state in America to live and to age.

If you’re looking to a meaningful role to play in our state, we hope you’ll apply. You can do so by clicking on the application link.

Position description and requirements:

“AARP believes that volunteer service is a unique and valuable contribution which benefits both the volunteer and society.”

What is the State President and Executive Council?
The volunteer State President leads the Executive Council. The Executive Council works with staff and volunteers to establish strategic goals and objectives on a local level consistent with AARP’s national strategic framework. The Executive Council is not a Board of Directors. AARP has a separate group of national volunteers that serve as the Board of Directors that set policy.

Who is on the Executive Council?
In addition to the State President the Executive Council consists of the State Director and other Executive Council Members.

Position Function
In partnership with the State Director and in collaboration with other appropriate volunteers and staff, the State President positions AARP in the state to achieve the AARP vision, mission and strategic priorities.

The State President will be governed by the policies and procedures of the Association.


  • In partnership with the State Director and the Executive Council, develops the framework for state strategic planning and coordination of AARP activities.
  • Develops a strong working knowledge of the state demographics, organizational structures, political environment and key players.
  • In partnership with the State Director builds networks and community partnerships across the state with other organizations and key decision makers to further AARP goals,
  • Seeks input for planning from AARP volunteers and external organizations.
  • Interprets and communicates AARP policy
  • Demonstrates a commitment to engage diverse populations in all activities in the state.
  • Assists in recruitment of other volunteers.
  • Appoints volunteers.
  • Conducts annual progress reviews based on an established work plan for Executive Council leadership volunteers.
  • Informs Regional Volunteer Director of activities on a regular basis.



  • AARP membership required.
  • Committed to the goals and priorities of AARP.
  • Demonstrated strategic thinking and planning abilities.
  • Leadership and team building ability
  • Ability to engage and work well with diverse populations,
  • Strong interpersonal skills-understanding of group dynamics and skill in facilitating groups.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Human resource management skills such as interviewing, selection, coaching and conflict management.

Term of Service
Two years, with option by supervisor to renew twice, not to exceed six years.


How much time does being State President require?
The duties of the State President require a significant on-going time commitment. Week to week there can be a wide variation in the amount of time a State President spends with AARP, based on workflow and the interest and new opportunities he or she (in partnership with the State Director) identifies. A State President must effectively partner with staff, serve as a spokesperson for AARP, chair Executive Council meetings, lead and support AARP volunteers and network with policy makers and partners. Additional opportunities for the State President include representing North Carolina at national meetings and conferences, as well as representing AARP on various statewide taskforces and commissions. The State President also attends AARP events across the state to speak, provide support and interact with members and the 50+ population generally. The active involvement of the state president is vital to the success of AARP in North Carolina.

Training Required
Orientation to AARP -- Staff and Executive Council members will orient the New State President. Additionally, throughout the year, the State President will have the opportunity for additional training, including a national orientation.


Travel Required
Travel as necessary throughout the state, or to attend meetings or trainings out of state. AARP will provide volunteer travel accident insurance and commercial general liability insurance while performing volunteer responsibilities. Travel expenses will be reimbursed in accordance with existing AARP policies.

If interested in applying, please CLICK HERE.


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