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RALEIGH – A new survey of North Carolina registered voters ages 40 plus finds that the vast majority of respondents (83.5 percent) of current caregivers said that they will provide future caregiving or assistance on an unpaid basis to an adult loved one. It also found that over 95 percent think it is important to have services available in their communities to help older adults live independently.
Voting in the mid-term elections is easy for some people – just a quick walk around the corner or a short drive to the polling station. But for others, it may seem impossible.
AARP North Carolina is hard at work, standing up for older citizens on issues important to them, including Medicare, Social Security, retirement, financial security and caregiving.
AARP invites you to see this powerful one-hour documentary, meet the author and producer, and learn how important lessons from the past are relevant today.
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North Carolinians ages 50 and above are the state's most powerful voting bloc and it is important that we stay that way.
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Before you vote, take the time to get to know where the candidates stand on issues that matter the most to AARP members and their families. This guide helps explain more about the top federal voting issues for older adults, as well as some guiding principals when it comes to the future of our health care and economic security. For more information on any of these voting issues, go to
By Michelle Crouch
AARP North Carolina released the third and final part of the Gubernatorial Voters Guide with Governor Pat McCrory and Attorney General Roy Cooper. The two present their proposals to make communities across the state “age-friendly.”
RALEIGH -- A new AARP survey of North Carolina registered voters ages 45 plus, finds an information gap when it comes to voters’ knowledge of the gubernatorial candidates’ policy proposals and the voting issues that age cohort care most about. The same survey found that the vast majority of older voters, 97 percent, plan to participate in Election 2016, and will be a deciding factor in both the federal and state races.
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RALEIGH -- To help the state’s most active voters make informed decisions on Election Day, AARP North Carolina made available the first of a three-part video voters’ guide with Governor Pat McCrory and Attorney General Roy Cooper.
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