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Driver Safety

AARP NC supports SB20 because based on action in other states, it will reduce crashes that result in fatalities and serious injuries. We advocate for communities that are more livable and age-friendly, including safer transportation networks. In addition, with decreased collision repair costs and medical expenses due to less distracted driving crashes, the NC Insurance Commissioner has said that insurance rates should decrease, which is important to our members, especially those on limited fixed incomes. The hands-free driving law is a common sense, enforceable approach to the problem of distracted driving.
It’s Memorial Day Weekend and AARPNC is honoring those who sacrificed their lives for this country and the men and women who serve our nation. This week on Real Life, you’ll learn more about the nation’s largest organization of Veterans -- AARP. Find out how AARP supports our veterans and makes their lives easier and more affordable.
Are you upset about lost medical expense tax deductions in North Carolina? If so, it’s time to take action. Many older adults and families in North Carolina did not realize the full impact of this tax law change until filing their 2014 tax returns this spring. But legislative leaders still have an opportunity to restore the medical expense deductions that provide some needed relief from the high cost of health care for people of all ages.
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