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Meet Your North Carolina Executive Council

Do you know that AARP is a volunteer-led organization? People all across North Carolina are sharing their time and talents to help improve the health and well-being of families and communities. Whatever causes speak to you, whatever skills or interests you have, you can find a volunteer opportunity that’s fulfilling and makes an impact.

Among the AARP volunteers, are AARP North Carolina's volunteer leaders, the state's Executive Council. These individuals are from a variety of backgrounds and help steer the work and resources of AARP in the state.

Here is a quick glance at the AARP North Carolina Executive Council:

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Helen Mack, AARP North Carolina President
Location: Clemmons, NC
Passion: Fascination with people aging into their full potential.
How AARP supports this niche:
"AARP has provided a forum for exploring ways to open the possibilities that aging can offer for people in or approaching their third act. And I have the privilege of helping facilitate that exploration."


Pat Battle
Location: Charlotte
Passion: Supporting caregivers, volunteer engagement, and helping people age-in-place (in their own homes and communities).
How AARP supports this niche:
"AARP helps provide the support and advocacy for the volunteerism that I am passionate about."

Lillian Scott Lee.jpg

Lillian S. Lee
Location: Raleigh
Passion: Caregiving, the vast AARP resources via the portal, brain health, and advocacy.
How AARP supports this niche:
"AARP connects its members and other seniors to a vast amount of resources which support individuals as they age."


Chuck Enderline
Location: Cary, NC
Passion: Healthy aging and advocating for an "age-friendly" state through policy and awareness.
How AARP helps support this niche: "AARP works locally and statewide to create communities that are great for all ages."


Margie Sigmon
Location: Asheville
Passion: Writing and helping get the word out about important information and programs to help people as they age.
How AARP supports this niche:
"AARP helps me do that in so many ways."

VanDivender (2).png

Jeanne Van Divender, PhD
Location: Raleigh
Passion: Equity and inclusion for all persons.
How AARP supports this niche:
"AARP is a strong advocate for older persons. I have the opportunity to join other volunteers in advocating for caregiver needs, addressing Livable Communities, and educating voters, to name a few."


Alexis Welch
Location: Kinston
Passion: Caregiver assistance and education
How AARP supports this niche: "AARP has many resources to help support those caring for family members, friends, and loved ones."


Barbara Scott Akinwole 
Location: Leland, NC
Passion: Advocating for caregivers and caregiving; creation of safe, age-friendly, accessible communities.
How AARP supports that niche:
"As an AARP volunteer, I have at my disposal a cadre of individuals whose prime responsibility is to provide me with the tools to be an effective advocate for my passions. 

As a member of the Executive Council, I am exposed to a diverse group of individuals, but with like minds, that I can work with to make sure that AARP's goals and objectives of helping our 50+ population navigate successfully as they journey through their seasons of life."

Dan Curry.jpg

Dan Curry
Location: Greensboro
Passion: The challenge of finding new ways to create healthy, livable, and diverse communities where aging in place is not only possible but encouraged and supported.
How does AARP help support this niche?
"AARP’s strong advocacy at the federal and state levels along with an amazing group of dedicated and trained volunteers ensures that the time I dedicate to AARP is meaningful and enjoyable. AARP’s volunteer resources and support are incredible."

KS_0013RTPPv2_8x10Headshot 2023.JPG

Karen Seagraves
Location: Charlotte
Passion: Helping people live their best and most fulfilling lives.
How does AARP help support this niche?
"AARP is there to prepare individuals to age with the highest quality of life, through educating and advocating for productivity, health,safety and security."

Roger Pierce.jpg

Roger Pierce
Location: Charlotte
Passion: Wellness presenter, educator, trainer and mentor.
How AARP helps suport this niche: "AARP offers me a wide array of opportunities to help others learn new skills to stay healthy, active and connected."

Harriett Miller (2).jpg

Harriett Miller
Location: Winston-Salem
Passion: Reaching out to the senior community via AARP programs like Walk With A Doc, Wish of A Lifetime, and other projects.
How AARP helps support this niche:
"AARP allows me to support these vehicles by reaching out to senior communities via media, health summits, programs, and also allows me to be an advocate for those ages 50 and over for our great state."

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