Scams & Fraud

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As we recover from recent severe weather, AARP Oklahoma wants to help you steer clear of lurking scam artists.
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What you need to know to avoid donation scams when giving after a natural disaster
Help protect your identity from scammers by having your sensitive documents safely destroyed at a free AARP Oklahoma shredding event in Tulsa on Saturday, April 22, from 9 a.m. to noon.
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The new AARP Veterans Fraud Center aims to help protect veterans, service members and their families from scammers.
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AARP Oklahoma is supporting two pieces of legislation under consideration that would aid in the fight against criminals who use telephones and text messages to defraud Oklahomans.
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New research reveals top scams facing Oklahoma’s military community and ways to fight back
Digital fraud
The Federal Trade Commission’s 2020 fraud report showed a spike in reported scams in Oklahoma, driven in part by opportunists taking advantage of the COVID pandemic. 
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Join us for a free webinar series and learn how to see and stop scams, protect yourself from cyber crimes, and learn how to spot elder financial expolitation.
Nearly 1 in 3 Oklahoma residents surveyed by AARP have been targeted by a con artist pretending to represent a government agency.
Hoodwinked Series
AARP Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Insurance Department, Oklahoma Department of Securities, the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office and the Oklahoma Banker’s Association will present a four-part fraud prevention webinar series. Topics include Medicare and healthcare fraud prevention, as well as information on relationship scams, cyber scams, investment, banking and securities fraud.
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