Dick Weinman

Group of multiracial young people sitting outdoors and watching down to his smartphones
The Thin Edge of Dignity
Spring tulips
The Thin Edge of Dignity
Powering my way through octogenarianism, I eschew mere sitting on my tuchus as the decade tick away. But suddenly I have an AH HAH! Moment: Why no go back to school – post-secondary, of course – at the neighboring university?
High angle view of many hardback books. Library or school.
The Thin Edge of Dignity
Chicken noodle soup in bowl on wooden cutting board. Copyspace.
Piled Higher and Deeper is an acrimonious, snide, “inside baseball” sarcasm directed to the high scholarship and intellectual accomplishment made manifest in the Ph.D. degree that compels the honorific “Dr” to be spoken or written preceding the name.
Ya gotta a Bowl, huh?
Hanukkah dreidels isolated on white
A great miracle happened here. Or nes gadol hayah sham.
Holidays in Assisted Living Facilities
Cup of coffee and coffee beans viewed from directly above
I may be strange. When others like to kick their legs up to relax, I demur. I have good reason: wheelchair-bound with legs that don’t hardly raise six inches without help, kicking is out, as well as kung foo or using a foot-rest to relax.
Traffic sign
Once upon a time, a friend wrote a friend who had some influence on municipal matters. The friend of my friend wrote - emailed, actually – her friend who had a friend who had more influence than the former friend. This third influential friend coincidentally had a friend who had greater influential influence than the previous friend.
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