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'Twas the Night Before ...


On Dasher, Dancer and you six other guys - and gals? You, too, Rudolph. (A guy, I presume.) It’s time for the Jolly One to start his motors. The kiddies await. But before you up, up, and awayto surprise every boy and girl, double check that your boss has gathered the loot from Macy, Target, and Walmart and has renewed his membership in Amazon Prime. Unfortunately, if he has – you guys -and gals(?) won’t get your bucket of feed. (Free shipping with Prime. Sorry.)

But on your merry way to kiddie-land, be sure you fly over us old folk gathered in an ALF. We can use some large-print books, magnifiers, shawls, heating pads, enema-bags and the like.

Thanks to our kids and grandkids, we get a chance to rip foil and tear ribbon, too. As a group, we get songs and carolers – galore. We’re serenaded by kindergarten carolers, middle school carolers, fraternity/sorority carolers, secular, adult carolers, various church carolers, Jewish, Buddhists . . . OOPS! . . . I got carried away.

As Rudolph guides you through the firmament, thank the Pipe-Smoking Jolly One for all of us Septuagenarians, Octogenarians, Nonagenarians, and solitary Centenarian for unloading a sack full of Christmas cheer.

Dick Weinman is an AARP Volunteer and our Assisted Living Guru.

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