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Questions to Ask Candidates

Have your questions answered on the Affordable Care Act

With the primary election now in the rear view mirror, voters across Wisconsin will soon be bombarded with all kinds of promises from candidates seeking your vote on Nov. 4.

History tells us that while some of these promises will be kept, many will not. That’s why it’s up to us as voters to look past the sound bites and try to be as informed as possible about where the candidates stand on critical issues before we head to the polls.

In return, people running for office need to hear and address the concerns of the 50-plus, who vote in far greater numbers than any other age demographic.

Next time you see a candidate at an upcoming debate, forum, or elsewhere on the campaign trail, we hope you will ask them some of these important questions.

Questions anyone running for Congress should answer.

Questions anyone running for state office in Wisconsin should answer.

AARP has a 28-year history of non-partisan voter engagement. We want you to have as much information as possible about where the candidates stand. Our voter guides are available on We hope you check them out and vote on Nov. 4.


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