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A Letter from a Passionate, Concerned American

This letter was submitted to both the Dallas Morning News and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

How can you possibly be a "stale mate" for health care in America ? We voted for change that is long past due, and you are being flies in the ointment. Don't you care that millions of Americans don't have health care? Oh, yes, I remember... you're not affected... you have the best care in America . Don't you get it? Just because you can go to the finest doctors whenever you choose doesn't mean all Americans can. Now get off the fence, get to work and get this thing passed. And don't even think about going on any kind of break until this is done. How could you in good conscience leave without passing health care and have a good time when a girl is dying of leukemia because of lack of health care? You have the power to do something about health care. And we Americans want you to get this done, now. I have confidence there's enough brain power in Washington to iron out the details... quit politicizing. And I know that health insurance lobbyists and campaign monies affect your decisions, but don't sacrifice Americans to line your coffers!!! Get on this issue as though it is your daughter who is dying and needs medical attention. I bet you wouldn't hesitate then. A passionate, concerned American, Wanda Zamorano Irving, TX  

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