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COVID-19 Hospital Admissions On The Rise As The Christmas Holiday Approaches
A guide to when, where and whether to get a COVID-19 vaccine
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As the 2021 Texas legislative session nears its finish, AARP Texas applauds state lawmakers who championed meaningful bills that seek to increase consumer protection, improve healthcare and promote financial resilience.
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Until Aug. 15, those who have no health insurance can sign up for free or low-cost health coverage under the Affordable Care Act (the ACA).
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House Bill 3924 and Senate Bill 1973 allow so-called “skimpy” health coverage to be sold through Farm Bureau health plans. A related bill (HB 3752) would allow more of this same coverage that can deny coverage or charge more for your preexisting conditions to be sold through Texas Mutual plans.
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As COVID-19 vaccines continue to roll out, caregivers who can’t find them may find themselves in stressful conditions, which can negatively affect their mental and physical well-being.
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AARP Texas statement regarding anti-Asian violence.
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AARP Texas Director Tina Tran issued the following statement today (Tuesday, March 2):
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AARP Texas and Texas Legal Services Center filed a formal request with the Public Utility Commission of Texas to provide immediate relief to Texas’ residential utility consumers who suffered during the February winter storm.
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AARP Texas supports legislation that would streamline the application process for the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which helps Americans in need to buy food. It’s a particularly daunting process in Texas, which requires an 18-page application.
Deep Freeze Power Crisis In Texas Is Expanding
The storm forced dozens of long-term care facilities to evacuate
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