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AARP Texas fought hard this legislative session on issues important to older Texans and their families, and lawmakers listened. From prescription drug affordability and funding for adult protective services to high-speed internet access, and much more, we achieved several victories for Texans age 50-plus.
Shot of a senior woman using a laptop with her daughter at home
AARP Texas is fighting for several bills currently moving in the Texas Legislature that would expand broadband access across the state. Passage of these bills is crucial for ensuring that Texans of all ages can access high-speed internet.
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Nutrition plays a strong role in overall health, especially for older adults who are at increased risk for chronic diseases.
COVID-19 Hospital Admissions On The Rise As The Christmas Holiday Approaches
A guide to where, when and how to get a COVID-19 vaccine or booster.
Texas faces a shortage of community attendants who help older adults and individuals with disabilities with basic day-to-day tasks. Currently, the base wage rate for such personal care attendants is $8.11 per hour.
Congress will again reauthorize the farm bill in 2023, providing an opportunity to make changes to nutrition programs, and for advocates to speak up.
TW Support HB15 and HJR 135 Brain Health Research.png
Proposed legislation could expand Texas’ capacity for research on mental health and brain-related diseases.
Nature's take aways
AARP Texas is calling on state lawmakers to update the SNAP Vehicle Asset Test
Texas Sen. Cesar Blanco filed Senate Bill 1700, the Healthcare Expanded & Accessed Locally (HEAL Texans) Act. The bill expands health access by allowing full practice authority for nurse practitioners.
Woman Helping Senior Neighbor With Paperwork
House Bill 2589 by Representative Donna Howard would improve access to medical power of attorney documents.
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