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Texas Utility Help is scarce of funds after a publicity campaign drives interest in the energy assistance program.
As temperatures rise and Texans rely heavily on air conditioning in their homes, AARP Texas seeks to educate consumers, including older Texans, on how to protect themselves against the rising costs of electricity and other utility expenses.
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How to stop scammers from ruining your holidays
Medicare changes every year, which means it can get a little complicated when trying to understand what’s new for you. Join us for a free webinar where we’ll discuss the key takeaways from this year’s Medicare changes and what they may mean for your benefits.
Is your 65th birthday coming up? You know what that means: It’s time to prepare for Medicare. Get ahead of the game with answers from our free webinar on Medicare, including when to enroll, what’s covered and where to find help along the way.
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AARP Launches National Campaign Urging More Support for Family Caregivers, Passage of Bipartisan Credit for Caring Act.
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Trying to understand Social Security can make anyone's head spin. What is it? Who really benefits from it? For younger Gen X'ers, millennials, and even older Gen Z'ers, it may be that mysterious amount of money that is taken from our paychecks. The thing is, Social Security isn't just for people of a certain age or nuestros abuelitos (our grandparents). Social Security helps people of all ages. So, if you're wondering whether Social Security is for you or will benefit you or nosotros? The answer is yes, and we can make sure it stays strong for generations to come. It is important to note that Social Security doesn't see race or ethnicity. People with identical earnings are treated the same when it comes to benefits. To help explain this essential federal program, we’re spilling the tea.
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The City of Austin is hosting a series of virtual events in February to gather public input on city spending. AARP Texas is helping people join the conversation by urging participation in the events, as well as encouraging feedback through a Commission on Seniors’ budget survey.
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During the holiday season, scammers and fraudsters ramp up their deceptive efforts. Amy Nofziger, AARP's director of fraud victim support, outlines ways to identify, avoid and report them.
A new AARP survey, released in conjunction with Social Security’s 85th anniversary, confirms that Americans highly value Social Security, and even more so due to the pandemic.
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