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AARP Texas fought hard this legislative session on issues important to older Texans and their families, and lawmakers listened. From prescription drug affordability and funding for adult protective services to high-speed internet access, and much more, we achieved several victories for Texans age 50-plus.
Organizations representing electricity consumers statewide are demanding a meaningful cap on the proposed Performance Credit Mechanism (PCM) scheme that will impose billions of dollars in increased costs for Texas consumers if left uncapped.
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AARP Texas is fighting for several bills currently moving in the Texas Legislature that would expand broadband access across the state. Passage of these bills is crucial for ensuring that Texans of all ages can access high-speed internet.
Tina Tran, AARP Texas director
Lawmakers can pass legislation to shape our state as a place where Texans can live and age well into retirement, whether in the big cities or rural communities.
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Nutrition plays a strong role in overall health, especially for older adults who are at increased risk for chronic diseases.
Texas faces a shortage of community attendants who help older adults and individuals with disabilities with basic day-to-day tasks. Currently, the base wage rate for such personal care attendants is $8.11 per hour.
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House Bill 4220 Weakens Vital Oversight Body
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Through petitions and surveys, AARP is hearing from Texans who want lawmakers to improve nursing home quality, which is why AARP Texas is urging support for SB 1629.
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House Bill 300 by Rep. Donna Howard creates a sales-tax exemption for diapers, including adult incontinence supplies.
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House Bill 4126, which AARP opposes, would effectively legalize in Texas a predatory practice that is under legal scrutiny across the country.
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