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Texas State Capitol Building
2019 Texas Legislative Review
The 2019 session of the Texas Legislature resulted in passage of bills that AARP Texas is calling on Governor Greg Abbott to sign into law to improve the wellbeing of older Texans and other consumers.
Approaching the end of the 2019 Texas legislative session, AARP Texas leaders are applauding lawmakers on their successful work for older Texans and other consumers.
Senior Hispanic woman refilling drug prescription over the telephone
The Texas House of Representatives has taken a major step to address the skyrocketing cost of prescription drug prices that are making it harder for Texans to afford the medicines they need.
Be The Difference - Vote
How will Fort Worth’s next mayor continue the city’s progress towards becoming a more livable community for people of all ages and ethnicities? This key question will frame the upcoming mayoral forum on the campus of Tarrant County Community College on Thursday, April 11.
Sweeping bipartisan legislation to end surprise medical billing in Texas was filed in the Legislature today, garnering high praise from AARP Texas as a monumental step toward protecting consumers from often sky-high unexpected medical charges.
Holding the tablet
State lawmakers have filed bills to help bring high-speed internet to rural Texas.
With thousands of Texans getting hit by surprise medical bills, eight organizations representing consumers, businesses, and health insurers have joined forces in support of legislative action to protect patients from unexpected and excessive health care costs.
They’re back! Texas lawmakers have returned to Austin for the start of a 140-day legislative session in which they’ll craft a new two-year state spending plan, deliberate over hundreds of bills, and work through a long list of issues on behalf of the state’s 28 million residents.
Medical/Hospital Statement Past Due
The number of freestanding emergency rooms in Texas has grown from zero to more than 200 in less than a decade. In fact, Texas is home to more than half of all the freestanding ERs in the country.  AARP Texas Freestanding ER Survey about whether they’re in-network for insurance, putting Texans in peril of receiving burdensome surprise medical bills.
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