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AARP is now accepting nominations for its 2020 Texas Andrus Award for Community Service, which honors age-50+ Texans who are sharing their experience, talent, and skills to enrich the lives of their community members.
AARP Texas is looking for volunteers to do everything from giving talks about how to fight fraud to advocating on the state level on issues important to older adults.
By Charlene Hunter James
2019 is here, and during this time of celebration and renewal it’s also a special occasion to reflect on our many AARP accomplishments in the areas of advocacy and outreach. In 2018, our work had a truly meaningful impact at the federal, state and community levels.
By Charlene James
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AARP Texas will unveil a new community mural Oct. 6, at 1902 S. Lamar St., Dallas, as part of its Livable Communities efforts.
Volunteers have long been a critical part of our country’s history. The long and proud history of volunteering extends all the way back to the first colonies, when Americans provided for others in times of strife. Benjamin Franklin, for example, began the first volunteer firefighting company in 1736.
Seeking to reinvent herself after retiring, Chandra Marshall-Henson visited AARP conventions and events for inspiration. After attending a Zumba class taught by an instructor in her 80s, she found that inspiration. She gained the confidence to share her love for dancing.
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Though she had a long and successful career, Eva Bonilla was 66 years old when she discovered that she was born to be a tour guide. After retiring, Bonilla volunteered with the Fort Worth City International Board. She served as an ambassador to many international visitors that came to Fort Worth, and fell in love with giving tours. It was not until Bonilla visited an AARP workshop that she felt empowered to pursue her dream of being a tour guide.
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