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2019 is here, and during this time of celebration and renewal it’s also a special occasion to reflect on our many AARP accomplishments in the areas of advocacy and outreach. In 2018, our work had a truly meaningful impact at the federal, state and community levels.
A bill just pre-filed by Senator Judith Zaffirini (D-Laredo) and backed by several Republican co-sponsors would give Texas courts the additional resources they need to effectively oversee guardianships and protect many vulnerable Texans. Guardianship reforms are a key issue for AARP during the upcoming Texas legislative session.
By Charlene James
Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off Sept. 15. Connect with AARP in San Antonio at tons of exciting events. RSVP for all of them, or just drop in for our grand finale. AARP is helping people of all ages celebrate their heritage and live la vida buena. So bring your friends and family and Take on Today and every day.
Volunteers have long been a critical part of our country’s history. The long and proud history of volunteering extends all the way back to the first colonies, when Americans provided for others in times of strife. Benjamin Franklin, for example, began the first volunteer firefighting company in 1736.
Medicare is 53 years old today. The Congress elected during this year’s midterm elections will likely determine what Medicare’s future is, including whether it will continue meeting the promise made to those who have paid into the system over the years.
Serving in the military is giving yourself to something greater than your own wants and needs. This selflessness protects and serves us all. And while Julia Castellano-Hoyt of San Antonio may not have served in the Women’s Army Corps since 1961, she never stopped having a heart for serving others. To Julia, military service instills a desire to give back throughout one’s life.
Since April, new Medicare cards have been hitting mailboxes to combat fraud. The new cards replace the Social Security numbers with a Medicare number unique to each member. Though removing Social Security numbers is a step in the right direction to fight identity theft, con artists have been using this change as an opportunity to take advantage of unsuspecting Medicare members.
May marks Elder Abuse Prevention Month in Texas. Governor Greg Abbott’s proclamation aims to bring awareness to potential risks for older Texans, in the hopes of inspiring change in Texas.
This is the final post in a series. The first three posts are Taking Up the Pen: Duo Releases Award-Winning Mystery, Taking Up the Pen: "Seeking Like-Minded Souls" and Taking Up the Pen: Going to Press.
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