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Tell Your Story: "Senior Specialists" and Annuities

Help protect Texas consumers from phony “Senior Specialists” and Annuities.

You've probably seen advertisements for seminars featuring a free meal and investment advice, and maybe you've gone to one yourself. The ads may seem inviting, the advisor may be persuasive, and the food may even be good, but watch out.  Despite an alphabet soup of letters behind their name these advisors are often giving guidance that can be disastrous, especially if they're recommending variable annuities to older investors.

AARP needs your story: Have you or someone you know experienced problems with phony "senior specialists", confusing annuities or been subject to big penalties? The Texas Legislature is currently reviewing several bills that would address phony "senior specialists" and add new consumer protections for purchasers of annuities. Real stories are the most effective way to convince legislators that stronger consumer protections need to be in place for purchasers of annuities.

Please share a story about your annuity experience now!

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