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Veterans Day: A Renewed Opportunity to Honor Our Heroes

Bob Prath
L: Bob Prath, going flying in 1966, R: Bob Prath, volunteering with AARP in 2012

Guest post by Bob Prath, retired Naval aviator and AARP California Executive Council member

Each year, Veterans Day provides us a renewed opportunity to honor our veterans, past and present. It is especially important to us at AARP to recognize veterans, with 6 million of our members in their ranks. These Americans and their families have endured separation, deprivation, and physical loss in order to preserve our precious American heritage for future generations. Knowing that the price of their loyal service is not measurable, veterans have traditionally asked for little in return for their sacrifice. This quiet honor is all the more reason to take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude and reinforced determination that these brave men and women will have what they need to live with dignity in the country they so loyally defended.

We know that many of our AARP California volunteers and members already give back to organizations and at local events that support veterans and their families. If you’re seeking a volunteer opportunity to support veterans in your community, you can visit  AARP's Create the Good and type in "veterans" to find opportunities in your area. The AARP website also has a special section offering information, tributes, and resources for veterans and their families, including community discussion groups and videos sharing  The Voices of Veterans.

On Veterans Day - and every day - we owe our heartfelt thanks to those who have proudly served in our military, including AARP members around the country and here in California, which is home to 11% of our country's veterans. AARP California staff and volunteers commit to you that we will continue to work on policy and legislation that respects the dignity of veterans. We have steadfastly advocated that our political leaders reject bargaining with a budget proposal called the “ chained CPI” – a fancy Washington term for a benefit cut – that would unfairly hurt retired and disabled veterans. We believe  you've earned a say in the conversation about the future of the programs that matter to you. We promise we'll keep fighting for you and alongside you to protect the benefits you've earned through courageous service to our nation.

From all of us at AARP California, thank you.

Bob Prath is a retired Naval aviator, as well as  member of AARP's National Policy Council and AARP California's Executive Council.

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