Joyce E. Williams

Current Role: Bureau Chief, Roanoke
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The kids are whining, “We don’t have anything to do.”  Grandpa says, “The doctor says I have to get some exercise.”  Aunt Tilly needs distraction from the stress of her job.  “I love to paint.  I just wish I knew where to take a class.”  What to do!
Virginia State Capitol Building In Richmond
Unbelievable?  Believe it!  So, how can those unpaid caregivers that provide such an extraordinary contribution be acknowledged? That is a question on which Delegate Sam Rasoul, representing the 11th House District of the General Assembly of Virginia, has focused for some years now. 
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For 20 years Delegate Vivian Watts, representing the northern Virginia 39th House of Delegates district in the Virginia General Assembly, has been beating the drums for nursing home reform, trying to raise awareness of the insufficiency of staffing in facilities.
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The new series of virtual offerings called Lynchburg Serves made its debut on March 15, the first of the monthly series hosted by AARP Virginia that will have nine installments focused on the Meals on Wheels program of the Greater Lynchburg area.
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Highlighting Marie Foster's impact on the LOA and AARP Virginia
Volunteers packing canned goods at food drive
Roanoke-area organizations, businesses, and volunteers came together to support this year's food drive, which totaled nearly 22 tons of food for local seniors.
Bird House
   Despite a long history of poverty in Appalachia, governmental and non-profit agencies are working to make housing in the region more affordable and accessible, particularly for older residents.
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Shenandoah. A town? Check. Caverns? Check. A river? Check. A university? Check. A valley? Check. A national park? Check, check. But what it really is, is a national treasure. Extending 135 miles north from the Front Royal, Virginia area down the Appalachian Mountains to Charlottesville on the east and Harrisonburg on the west, it covers 311 square miles. It was designated a national park December 26, 1935 and dedicated the following July by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Keith Tomlinson, Smithsonian Associate, study team leader and interpretive naturalist captured the park’s majesty in a presentation recently hosted by Virginia Tech Lifelong Learning Institute and AARP Virginia.
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Upon hearing “Mayflower” everyone congers up imagery of the story of the Pilgrims we learned about in school. The Mayflower will forever hold a place in our casual knowledge of history for bringing its passengers to this foreign land seeking a new life.
Galapagos: Where the wild things are
What destinations are on your travel bucket list?  The Great Pyramids of Giza? The Eiffel Tower? The Great Wall of China? Mount Kilimanjaro? Machu Pichu?  We all have our list, some more grand than others. The five hundred people from all across the United States who participated in the virtual visit to the Galapagos Islands were in for a real treat.  On behalf of AARP Virginia, Bonnie Becker, world traveler extraordinaire shared her expertise and travel experience to what is regarded by many as one of the most fascinating destinations in the world.
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