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Volunteer Portal News

Improving the Volunteer Portal user experience!

The Volunteer Portal - which launched in 2015 and has been utilized by more than 45,000 volunteers and 500 staff members - is undergoing a two-phase "facelift" in 2019.  The change will result in fewer clicks, increased functionality, and easier access to the information volunteers and staff use every day!

As you can see from the timeline on the right, the first wave of Portal changes launches on March 24 and will be experienced by staff users.   In early August, the entire site will be updated, and all volunteer and staff users will experience the changes.

What benefits will the 2019 update mean for me?

  • A more intuitive page display where key sections are easily visible on one page to reduce scrolling;
  • An updated menu bar with additional shortcuts and favorites to access information with fewer clicks;
  • Streamlined and integrated data entry forms for easier input;
  • Additional features available for reports and dashboards; and
  • Mobile friendly access to the Volunteer Portal

Take a sneak peak!

  • Check out the new look and features hereLearn about updates to the functionality for reports and dashboards here

What is not changing?

  • The log-in process will remain the same;
  • Volunteer Portal data, such as reports records and documents, will not be impacted; and
  • Key features, such as reports, global search and volunteer contact records, will remain available and be more easily accessible

Training and support

The Office of Volunteer Engagement is committed to ensuring that volunteers and staff are prepared to take full advantage of updated Volunteer Portal.  A series of in-person and virtual trainings were held for staff in March.  If you missed those, visit here for information and tools.   Another round of in-person trainings and a whole slate of resources will be available as we get closer to the full launch in August. 

Volunteer Portal URL

For volunteers:

For staff:


Contact the Volunteer Helpline (1-866-740-7719), Wayne Griffin, Valerie Rasmussen or your Portal Champion.

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