Building the case: changing consumer perceptions of the value of expanded community pharmacist services

The following guest post was submitted by Kate Steckowych, PharmD, Postgraduate Pharmacy Fellow at the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy

The University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy is looking for individuals to participate in a focus group discussion to get consumer opinions on new healthcare services offered in community pharmacies. Consumers will be required to travel to Glastonbury for the focus group which will last 90 minutes. Consumers will also be asked to complete a brief, anonymous demographic survey prior to the focus group.

Why is this study being done?
The traditional role of the community pharmacist has largely been a dispenser of medications; however, there has been a push to expand the pharmacist’s responsibilities to include more direct patient care services. This study will use group discussions with specific, guiding questions to identify the consumers’ perceptions of the value or benefit of these new healthcare services offered by the community pharmacist. Your advocacy for such changes is important to help community pharmacists across the nation take on new and exciting patient care services within the community pharmacy setting.

What are the benefits of this study?
You may benefit from this research by learning about the following:
1. Examples or types of new and expanding community pharmacist services (besides traditional medication dispensing), or
2. The value and benefit of the community pharmacist as a healthcare professional that can work with your primary care doctor to provide clinical services

To be eligible to participate in this study, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:
1. 50 years of age  or older
2. English-speaking
3. Have 1 or more chronic health conditions
4. Currently taking 1 or more medications on a daily basis
5. Able to individually arrange transportation to and from the focus group meeting place in Glastonbury

Participants will be awarded a $25 gift card upon full participation of the research study. A light lunch will be provided. The focus group will be held during lunch hours in April 2017. The discussion will be held in Glastonbury.

To learn more about this research study, contact Kathryn Steckowych at: (860) 486-0244 or

The University of Connecticut
Principal Investigator: Dr. Marie Smith, UCONN
This study was approved by the UConn IRB, Protocol # H17-030

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