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Watch AARP Live Thursday, Nov. 20 & talk tech!








We’re living in a digital world. According to a 2013 Google/Ipsos poll, 78% of baby boomers are online,  52% of seniors are online and it's growing every day.  These age groups spend more time each week on the Internet (about 19 hours) than they devote to television, radio and magazines or newspapers.  

Yet, millions of people over the age of 50 are not online. Research also shows once older Americans get online they find that digital technology often becomes an integral part of the daily lives. On the next AARP Live on RFD-TV, AARP talks technology. 

AARP will explore the barriers that are keeping people from logging on and how AARP is working to help those who’ve fallen behind in the digital age catch up and get comfortable with technology. AARP  also will discuss how technology can help ward off isolation among older adults—particularly in rural areas.  

Join the conversation:  Tell AARP  how you use technology to stay in touch with family and friends. Call in during the show, Thursday, November 20 at 9 PM Central on RFD-TV, watch right here on the web or watch using the AARP Live Tab on our Facebook page!

AARP Live will take your calls, questions, and comments live at 1-877-731-6733. Two lucky callers will have a chance to win one of two AARP RealPad tablets we’re giving away.  ( November 2014 AARP Live SWEEPSTAKES RULES

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