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AARP's Movies for Grownups advocates for the 50-plus audience by fighting ageism in the entertainment industry and encouraging films that resonate with older viewers. Our screening program offers attendees the opportunity to connect and create a community of film fans both in-person and online.
Schatz is no stranger to volunteering for AARP, or various other groups in Sheridan County. The long-time Sheridan-area educator spent six years on the AARP Wyoming Executive Council and is a key member of the Sheridan Community Action Team. Last year he was nominated for the Andrus Award honoring the state’s top volunteer age 50 and over.
These free events will be held at Laramie County Library and feature members of AARP Wyoming’s volunteer speakers bureau.
The movie is the latest from writer and director Nia Vardalos and is the latest in the My Big Fat Greek Wedding franchise. This movie will follow the Portokalos family as they travel to a family reunion in Greece for a heartwarming and hilarious trip of love, twists, and turns. The movie is rated PG-13 for suggestive material and some nudity.
The series is hosted by Barry Wiesenfeld, an internationally recognized award-winning musician, published author, and part of the music faculty of SUNY and Ramapo College. He will lead the discussion about some of music's biggest influences.
NASA once approached a famous musicologist and said, “We’re planning to launch a rocket into deep space, and want to include a sample of the music of Earth. What would you suggest we send?”
A respected musicologist once referred to The Beatles as “One of the most transforming entities of 20th century music” and claimed that they changed the course of popular music forever.
Beethoven took the musical world into which he was born, mastered it, and then yelled, “Hey, everybody, follow me!”as he transformed the Classical era into the Romantic Era.
Wyoming, at the rooftop of the nation, held a special significance for the United States airmail service, and we will explore the role our state had in the creation of this technological marvel. What happened in Wyoming laid the foundation for the commercial aviation world we enjoy today.
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