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How Vital is Social Security to Wisconsin?

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As AARP continues to fight for the Social Security benefits that millions of Americans have earned, we are constantly reminded of its importance as part of a secure retirement for older Wisconsinites. Social Security provides a stable source of retirement income and has kept many older people out of poverty. 

Take a guess at these questions to learn more about how vital this program is in Wisconsin.  Be sure to check your answers below.

1) What is the average annual Social Security benefit in Wisconsin?

A.  $9,400

B.  $15,400

C.  $21,400

D.  $26,400


2) Social Security is what percent of the average older Wisconsinite's family income?

A. 32%

B. 52%

C. 72%

D. 92%


3) How much in total Social Security benefits were paid to older Wisconsinites in 2012?

A. $1.9  billion

B. $4.9 billion

C. $7.9 billion

D. $11.9 billion 



1)  B - 96 percent, or 789,938, of older Wisconsin residents received Social Security in 2012. The average annual benefit was $15,400.

2) B - Social Security accounted for 52 percent of the typical older Wisconsinite’s family income.

3) D - Social Security provided $15.7 billion in benefits to all Wisconsinites and $11.9 billion in benefits to Wisconsinites aged 65 and older in 2012.

Check out this fact sheet to see more about why Social Security and Medicare are vital people in Wisconsin.


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