RALEIGH — Like the rest of the nation, North Carolinians have historically low personal savings rates that threaten the confidence people have of living securely in their retirement.

AARP has three, new, 90-minute workshops to help you build on your good habits and understand what changes you can make to improve your financial situation.

Developed in coordination with Charles Schwab Foundation,  AARP Foundation’s Finances 50 + helps participants budget and goal set, take charge of credit and debt, develop a savings plan and protect your assets.

AARP Associate State Directors Suzanne Black and Debra Tyler Horton have been working with AARP volunteers and Certified Financial Planners to offer these workshops in communities across North Carolina.

Suzanne Black explains, “Everyone can benefit from smart money management habits. With the involvement of AARP members as trainers, the program is built on peer support. Although the volunteer trainers are not financial experts, they can offer options for you to make informed decisions regarding the financial actions you may want to take.”

Debra Tyler Horton said, “Upon the completion of the workshops, people develop “road maps,” and other resources that allow them to create a clear path forward when it comes to building a better financial future.”

In addition to increasing savings, AARP is working to protect the financial security of older adults. AARP’s new Fraud Watch Network420-finances-50-plus-topic-page.imgcache.rev1346446034016 provides up-to-the-minute warnings of fraud and new scams that are prevalent in North Carolina or wherever you live.  Black said AARP is committed to working with law enforcement, educators, community organizations and others to help people identify, prevent and report fraud that targets seniors.

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