Did you resolve to get organized in 2020? Start the new year on the right foot by getting your personal affairs in order!

This month on AARP Live, we explore ways to protect your estate and ensure your wishes are followed. AARP Wisconsin State Director, Sam Wilson, will share resources and tips to help you save time and money, plus estate planning expert Michael Wallin will take your calls and questions LIVE.

Plus, four lucky callers will have a chance to win a cooler! Rules apply. During the show call 1-877-283-7570 for your chance to win.



Did you know US Veterans are more likely to be targeted by a scammer than a civilian? This month on AARP Live, we’ll honor those who have served and share tips on how we can all help protect those who have protected us some nobly.

Health and Medical Scams
Con-artists keep finding new ways to take your money, but AARP is helping you protect your identity, your money and your medical information!

Stop Rx Greed

The skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs is leading more and more Americans to ignore their doctors’ orders when it comes to how often and how much of their medicines they should be taking.

Small Changes = Big Savings!

Do you know the best day of the week to buy gas? Or the best time of the month to buy a car? This month on AARP Live we have more than 20 tips that can help you save on everything from home repair to a night out!

Saving Small Towns

Rural communities face unique challenges when it comes to transportation, healthcare services and access to broadband. How can small towns attract younger families, jobs and innovators to keep their town vibrant and desirable? This month on AARP Live we tackle these issues and highlight how AARP is working in every state to help make communities across America more sustainable and livable places for all ages.

Disaster Preparedness

Reigning in Robocalls

Those calls are more than annoying – they may be aiming to steal your identity and your hard-earned money. Watch for tips to reign in those robocalls.

Rural Romance
More than 50% of Americans over 50 use social networking sites to find new friends or romantic partners – but could you be putting your heart and your money at risk? This month on AARP Live, we share tips for surfing and connecting safely online!

Estate Planning

Do you know how you’re going to keep the family farm in the family? Each year that passes without a will or estate plan increases the risk that your hard-earned valuables will end up in the wrong hands. This month on AARP Live, we are helping you take the right steps to protect your assets with AARP’s Ultimate Guide to Estate Planning. Take steps to Ace Your Retirement!

Protecting Our Veterans

Veterans and military families deserve praise, honor and respect – and they don’t deserve to be taken advantage of. In honor of Veteran’s Day, AARP Live is celebrating and protecting the sacrifices of our nations heroes. If you or a veteran you know have been targeted by a scam, share your story with us anytime by emailing or calling 855-800-9026.

The Dark Web

You may know how to spot a variety of computer scams – but do you know what’s lurking beyond the user-friendly and respectable websites you frequent? The dark web is an anonymous part of the world wide web with sites that sell hacking software, personal information and other illegal goods.

Pre & Post Storm Threats

Recent storms remind us that natural disasters are sudden, difficult to predict, and inevitable. Even after the storm passes, scammers can make rebuilding risky! Do you know who you can trust? September is Natural Disaster Preparedness Month and AARP partners with FEMA to help older Americans prepare for disaster, prevent post-disaster scams and re-build age-friendly communities.

Find out what the AARP Foundation is doing to provide disaster relief and donate to victims of Hurricane Florence.

Far Off Fraudsters

Fraudsters always take the path of least resistance, figuring out how they can get the biggest bang for the buck with as little trouble as possible. Sometimes just laying a trap and waiting. Learning to recognize these complex schemes is getting more difficult, but there are ways to stay protected!

Be the Difference. Vote!

50+ Americans are the nation’s most powerful voting bloc and every vote counts! This year, AARP is helping you use your voice and your vote to make politicians pay attention to the issues that matter most to you. As the campaign season heats up, voters are subject to information overload! This month on AARP Live, we help you cut through the clutter and ask the tough questions so you can feel confident when you head to the polls this November

Disaster Preparedness

From hurricanes and tornados to fires and mudslides, the last year has been riddled with natural disaster. Unfortunately, for many of us it may not be a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’. Will you be ready? This month on AARP Live, we discussed disaster preparedness and recovery with storm chasers and state directors from America’s heartland. AARP Oklahoma State Director Sean Voskuhl and AARP Wisconsin State Director Sam Wilson shared their experience and strategies for expecting the unexpected. Plus, we learned how the AARP Foundation helps our friends and neighbors across the country rebuild after a storm.

Utility Costs

You cleaned your furnace filter, caulked your leaky windows and even wrapped your water heater in a blanket… but your utility bill is still breaking the bank! What’s next? No matter how long this winter lasts, AARP Live is helping you put more green back in your pocket! Join AARP Oklahoma State Director Sean Voskuhl and AARP Wisconsin State Director Sam Wilson to discover new ways to save on your utility costs.

New Year, New Scams

Has someone called you, claiming to be from the “I-R-S” and said they needed your social security number? Nice try, buddy! These days, imposters use many tricks to con you out of your money and personal information. This month, AARP Live asked “Are They Who They Say They Are?” as we took a closer look at imposter scams that are popular at this time of year.

Seasonal Scams

This month, AARP fraud prevention expert Doug Shadel gave us an inside look at con artists’ latest tricks. Including charity scams that take advantage of your holiday generosity, and veteran scams that target our nation’s heroes. If you or a veteran you know have been contacted by a scammer, share your story at or by calling 1-855-800-9026.

Travel Tips

Whether you’re visiting friends and family or taking a well-deserved vacation, who doesn’t want to make traveling a little bit easier – and less expensive! This month on AARP Live, AARP travel ambassador Samantha Brown shared some practical tips to get you on the road without breaking the bank. Plus, we have advice for surviving upcoming family travel and/or holiday visitors!

Financial Resilience

Managing money can be one of the most important, and one of the most challenging skills for people of every age. Will you be able to make your money last a lifetime? Learn more when we talk dollars and sense with AARP Financial Ambassador, Jean Chatzky.

Caregiving Resources:

Demographic trends suggest that if you aren’t a family caregiver now – you will be someday! With more than 43.5 million family caregivers in the United States, support for this silent army continues to grow. From books to support groups, training classes and apps – the challenge has become connecting caregivers to available resources. That’s why AARP has its I Heart Caregivers initiative.

Telehealth Technology:

Technology has changed the way we live, learn and work and in the case of telehealth, it’s also saving time and saving lives. Telemedicine has improved access to quality health care across the most rural and isolated parts of America. On this edition of AARP Live, we took a look inside one of these eHealth systems and learned why it pays to be tech savvy.

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