Rural communities face unique challenges when it comes to transportation, healthcare services and access to broadband. How can small towns attract younger families, jobs and innovators to keep their town vibrant and desirable? This month on AARP Live we tackle these issues and highlight how AARP is working in every state to help make communities across America more sustainable and livable places for all ages.

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Playing It Safe Online

Social media sites are a popular way to stay connected with friends and family, or even find a date. But beware! Some social media sites are also ripe hunting grounds for digital crooks and scammers. This month on Rural America Live with AARP, we explore ways to stay safe on social media.

Estate Planning

Did you resolve to get organized in 2020? Start the new year on the right foot by getting your personal affairs in order! This month on AARP Live, we explore ways to protect your estate and ensure your wishes are followed.

Protecting Our Veterans

Did you know US Veterans are more likely to be targeted by a scammer than a civilian? This month on AARP Live, we’ll honor those who have served and share tips on how we can all help protect those who have protected us some nobly.

Health and Medical Scams

Con-artists keep finding new ways to take your money, but AARP is helping you protect your identity, your money and your medical information!

Stop Rx Greed

The skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs is leading more and more Americans to ignore their doctors’ orders when it comes to how often and how much of their medicines they should be taking.

Small Changes = Big Savings!

Do you know the best day of the week to buy gas? Or the best time of the month to buy a car? This month on AARP Live we have more than 20 tips that can help you save on everything from home repair to a night out!

Reigning in Robocalls

Those calls are more than annoying – they may be aiming to steal your identity and your hard-earned money. Watch for tips to reign in those robocalls.

The Dark Web

You may know how to spot a variety of computer scams – but do you know what’s lurking beyond the user-friendly and respectable websites you frequent? The dark web is an anonymous part of the world wide web with sites that sell hacking software, personal information and other illegal goods.

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