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Beth Finkel

It's crunch time for a pivotal decision in Albany that could make a real difference for New Yorkers’ futures – and pocketbooks.
Mention the words “fiduciary standard” and a lot of eyelids grow heavy. But that was far from the case today as New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer, the Counselor to U.S. Labor Secretary Tom Perez and a host of New Yorkers concerned about protecting a serious threat to our retirement security joined me and my AARP NY colleagues.
Having grown up in New York City, I have experienced the rapidly changing dynamics of our great city for more than half a century. As I look to age into my next 50 years in NYC, I realize that none of these changing dynamics have been as fundamental as the generational shifts. So as a charter member of the Baby Boomers and a lifelong New Yorker I understand why Generation X and Boomers have “High Anxiety” about how they can afford to age in NYC AARP NY has the unique opportunity to impact the lives of the current aging cohort and of the generations that will follow them. This year marks the commitment that AARP will be on the ground, in all five Boroughs and on the steps of City Hall fighting for AARP NY’s 750,000 members in NYC on issues that matter to them and future generations of New Yorkers.
Today marks a significant milestone in what Americans agree is one of the most important - if not the most important - government program - Social Security turns 80!
We have a road show going on around New York aimed at protecting our retirement savings. Across the country, AARP members are urging our leaders to “close the loophole” in federal law that allows unscrupulous financial advisers to put their own interests first and line their pockets by taking advantage of hard-working Americans.
This year Generation X turned 50. With 2.5 million members across the state, AARP New York is the state’s leading advocate for the 50+, and we believe now is the time for us to take stock of the financial plans of Gen Xers and how prepared they are for their financial future.
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