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No one likes talking about Long-Term Care. However, today is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) and we must recognize the ways in which our Long-Term Care System continues to fail residents and their families.
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Fighting for 50-Plus Arizonans and their Families
In 2016, it became apparent that Arizona Public Service (APS) was planning to be the first utility in the country to impose mandatory “demand rates” on residential electric customers.  Demand rate plans include an extra charge that is based upon the highest level of energy demand at the customer’s residence during a specified time period the month of service being billed.  
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Work and Save for the future
There is a great deal of confusion surrounding the state of taxes in America. Congress will continue to push forward on tax reform with the approval of the budget in the Senate, but there is one aspect that AARP doesn’t want to get lost in the shuffle: The Medical Expense Deduction. Essentially, this allows you to deduct out-of-pocket medical expenses after exceeding a certain level of income based on your age.
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