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Dick Weinman

I’ve had long hair since hair length became symbolic of more than wearing long hair.
My Fitness Center reopened over the summer and yet I haven’t returned. That’s strange, considering I’ve been an OCD work-out freak most of my adult life – even in my disabled and wheelchair recent years. Why the hesitation, I ask myself.
To Mask or not To Mask?
It has been said that Lyndon Baines Johnson – LBJ - the thirty-sixth POTUS, gave monogrammed electric toothbrushes to White House staffers so they would be reminded of him the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night
Musings on Life in An Assisted Living Facility
I live among old people. I’m one of them. 87 years old. That’s the average age of Assisted Living Facility (ALF) residents. Pretty accurate in our ALF: many in the eighty decade, several nonagenarians, one centenarian + 2 or 3 years. Quite an assortment of Geezers and Gezzerettes. No wonder I feel old!
The Thin Edge of Dignity
The Thin Edge of Dignity
Powering my way through octogenarianism, I eschew mere sitting on my tuchus as the decade tick away. But suddenly I have an AH HAH! Moment: Why no go back to school – post-secondary, of course – at the neighboring university?
The Thin Edge of Dignity
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