Emily Paulin

Emily Paulin is a contributing writer who covers nursing homes, health care, and federal and state policy. Her work has also appeared in Broadsheet, an Australian lifestyle publication.
Election 2020 Connecticut Primary
Las nuevas leyes garantizan la disponibilidad de buzones para las papeletas de voto en ausencia, pero solo ciertos tipos de votantes pueden solicitar una papeleta de voto en ausencia.
Election 2020 Connecticut Primary
Connecticut voters approved a constitutional amendment allowing lawmakers to introduce early voting, and recent laws make it easier to vote absentee.
Access Health CT Homepage
Una guía sobre cuándo, dónde y cómo contratar un seguro médico en Connecticut
Access Health CT Homepage
A guide to when, where and how to sign up for health insurance in Connecticut.
Una guía sobre cuándo y dónde recibir una vacuna o refuerzo contra la COVID-19 en Connecticut.
A health care worker receives a COVID-19 vaccine at 
the Hartford Convention Center.
A guide to where, when and how to get a COVID-19 vaccine or booster.
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Connecticut’s Nov. 8 general election includes federal races for the U.S. House and Senate, plus contests for the state legislature, governor, attorney general and several other offices.
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