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NOV 1, 2019
Caring for a parent, spouse, or other loved one can be a 24/7 job that is emotionally, physically and financially difficult. That’s why AARP works tirelessly to support family caregivers, striving to make your big responsibilities a little bit easier.
NOV 4, 2019
In Florida, America’s grayest state, approximately 2.9 million family caregivers provided an estimated 2.4 billion hours of care per year worth a staggering $31 billion to their parents, spouses, partners, and friends in 2017, according to state data available in the latest report of AARP’s Valuing the Invaluable series.
NOV 15, 2019
AARP Florida is pleased to have wonderful partners statewide to make the Sunshine State more age friendly to residents of all ages and abilities.
Leo C. Chase Jr
A St. Johns County soldier who died 54 years ago in one of Vietnam’s most famous battles will be honored in October when a new Veterans Administration clinic in St. Augustine is named for him.
jeff johnson aarp florida state director
AARP Florida State Director Jeff Johnson issued this statement today about the impact of Hurricane Dorian on The Bahamas:
Man with umbrella standing on the pier
If you’re in the storm’s potential path, you have plenty of time to prepare. The curse that goes with that blessing, however, is that it’s easy to be overwhelmed with fear, anxiety and dread as the storm goes closer.
Panel portable electric generator
Before storing any gasoline-powered equipment, it should be properly maintained. That includes cleaning the equipment inside and out, removing or disconnecting the battery, changing the engine oil and – this is important – adding stabilizer to the fuel.
storm surge of michael.jpg
Surge is not limited only to areas on a beach – incoming tides and wind can drive seawater into coastal canals, the Intracoastal Waterway and inland rivers and creeks.
Panel portable electric generator
A portable or fixed standby electrical generator can be a big help after a hurricane. But AARP’s Florida state director urged Floridians to take care when using electrical power generators for backup power during power outages as the 2019 hurricane season ramps up.
Nearly three in ten Floridians have stopped taking prescription medications because of cost, according to newly released AARP research.
Communities often come together after disasters to help each other, not only with the physical tasks, but also for emotional support.
Scam Alert IStock Photo
Florida is no stranger to hurricane and scam artists. Natural disasters often bring an influx of con artists ready to take advantage of suffering and confusion.
veterans conference square.png
Are you caregiver of a veteran or a veteran who is a caregiver? Join us on Sept. 20.
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