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Press Candidates on Social Security Plans

BS 6 3-11

In a recent AARP survey, more than 9 in 10 Iowa voters age 18 and older said it is important for presidential candidates to lay out a plan to make Social Security financially sound for future generations. That level of support held across party lines and age groups.

Nearly 1 in 4 Iowans age 65-plus rely on Social Security for at least 90 percent of their income. Without presidential leadership and congressional action to update the program, benefits could be reduced by 25 percent in 2034.

AARP Iowa is hosting forums in the state’s four congressional districts to listen to members’ concerns and encourage voters to ask candidates about their plans to update Social Security.

For dates, times and locations of these events, email or call 866-554-5378 toll-free. To learn about proposals under consideration, go to To find out where candidates stand on the issue, visit

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