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Too many Idahoans don’t have savings as they enter retirement—and many don’t have retirement savings options at work. That makes saving harder, and the need to plan more important.
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Do you need a will? Chances are you do. Estate planning, trusts, wills and power of attorney can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Hear from the experts at AARP and start preparing for your future today. Join AARP Live on RFD-TV, Thursday July 17 at 8pm MTN. Watch online HERE!
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Thousands of Idahoans who could lower their property tax bills are bypassing the opportunity. About 55,000 homeowners with less than $30,050 in annual income could qualify for the Circuit Breaker program, but barely half of them apply.
In the legislative session that begins Jan. 8, AARP Idaho is urging state lawmakers to pass the Idaho Family Caregiver Act, which would help caregivers confidently perform medical or nursing tasks when a loved one comes home from a hospital stay. The bill would let every hospital patient designate a family caregiver and would require hospitals to make reasonable efforts to show those caregivers how to perform follow-up care.
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