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If you're like millions of people in their 50s, 60s, and 70s looking to discover their what's next, or new life purpose, figuring out how to take that first step can be overwhelming.

Recognizing this growing need, AARP has launched, an interactive web portal designed to help people navigate life transitions and explore new opportunities to live their best lives.

Developed in collaboration with leading experts in personal development, aging, transitions and social change, Life Reimagined offers a series of programs, experiences, resources, and services—online and offline--all provided for free.  At, a unique diagnostic tool helps people understand where they are, reflect and see new possibilities, and make decisions to help plan how to get where they want to be.

Just as Boomers created the new life phase called “adolescence,” they have now created another new life phase with the extra years their parents and grandparents didn’t have. As pioneers in this new life stage, Boomers are seeking out new possibilities. For some, this means delving into favorite hobbies, interests or volunteer gigs. For others, it entails going back to school or traveling to far-off destinations. And for others still, it means starting a business or embarking on a dream career.

But for all, it involves looking ahead and asking, "What's next?" Life Reimagined has identified six guideposts  to help answer that question and navigate the years ahead.

Beyond tips and tools, highlights the stories of Boomers who've successfully ventured off into new directions to find meaning and purpose.  Get to know them here.  Closer to home, meet AARP Iowa member Toni Jacobson, a former publisher who at age 65 fell in love with Yoga and has become a Yoga master teacher and advocate for the benefits of Yoga for all.

How are you answering the questions, "What do I care about?" "How do I unleash my passions?" and "How do I make a difference?"   Visit to start the process -- whenever you're ready.

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