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APR 2, 2020
Please read our regularly updated blog with links to COVID-19 information and resources, the latest on the suspension of local events, and more.
We may be isolated, but we don’t have to be alone. AARP Community Connections is a new website that offers steps to find help – or give it – during the coronavirus pandemic. At a time when people are self-isolating, the website connects you to support in your community. It also enables you to join or organize your own online mutual aid group to stay connected, share ideas and help your family, neighbors and those most affected by COVID-19.
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The spread of the coronavirus across our country has created a very stressful environment for all Americans and especially older people and those with underlying health conditions who are at heightened risk. During these difficult days, I want to assure you that AARP is actively engaged in our nation’s response to the outbreak, and we are working hard to help our members, their families and broader community understand how to protect themselves.

Some of the steps we are taking include:
MAR 7, 2020
U.S. Census Is An Opportunity Not to Be Missed
Sign up for this webinar to learn what kinds of census scams are out there and how to report them.
Easy Money
The process of investing your money is easier than ever these days. The Internet and airwaves, and the occasional free lunch seminars, are full of innovative new can’t-miss investment opportunities that just need one thing: your money, and fast. When confronted with such an offer, take a deep breath, and avoid making a decision in a heightened emotional state. (Scammers love us to do that.) Take the time to check out the credentials and history of the adviser pitching the investment at, and check out the investment at If an investment isn’t registered, that’s a red flag it could be a scam.
AARP is here to help you take on today – and every day. From sharing practical resources, to holding fun activities and events, AARP is providing opportunities to connect and help build an even stronger Maine for all ages to live, work and play. We hope you’ll join us!
Senior Black Politician Door to Door
It’s that season again. The once-every-decade time when we all try and remember how the decennial census count works. It’s no surprise that there is confusion surrounding the census, but that confusion is something scammers are banking on. Here are a few tips to avoiding census scams. The Census Bureau will NOT send you an email with a link to complete the questionnaire online – if you get such an email, it is a scam. The Census Bureau will never ask you to for sensitive information, like your full Social Security number, bank account number or your mother’s maiden name. Finally, when you do get a mailing from Census to tell you how you can complete your questionnaire, look for the official return address of Jeffersonville, Indiana. Any other address is a scam.
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The numbers are in. The Federal Trade Commission released its report of fraud complaints from 2019, and scams show no sign of abating. Reported losses amounted to almost $2 billion – and older victims report losing more than younger victims. Impostor scams topped the list – where scammers pretend to be someone they are not to convince you to hand over personal information or money. In fact, government impostor scam reports are up by 50% over 2018. Here’s a tip: that message from the Social Security Administration saying your account has been suspended? It’s a scam. So is the one from your county court saying you face a fine for missing jury duty.
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We’re writing with an important message to let you know that we have canceled our external events until further notice. While convening events is a core part of our mission, we have changed our approach in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.
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Greetings from Lori Parham, AARP Maine State Director
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A statement from the Maine Legislature, plus a summary of the bills AARP Maine worked on this session that impact people 50+
Filing Tax Form
Everyone is guilty of procrastinating from time to time, but one place where it doesn’t pay to wait is doing your taxes. Scammers take full advantage of opportunities during tax filing season to make a fast buck. They commit tax identity theft by filing a phony tax return using victims’ personal information to get a refund. To protect yourself against this scam, file your return as early as possible, use a secure Internet connection if you file electronically, or mail your tax return directly from the post office.
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Read about the collaboration between AARP Maine and the Bike and Pedestrian Coalition of Maine
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