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Medicaid Expansion: Why It's The Right Thing To Do

Health Care For Low-Income Iowans:
What’s Wrong With The Current System?

  • More than 17,000 Iowans 50 to 64-years old hard hit by financial insecurity are out of work or struggling in jobs without health benefits; they would gain access to Medicaid coverage.
  • Medicaid health coverage should be there for hardworking low income Iowans who’ve paid into it throughout their working lives.

  Medicaid Expansion IowaCare
Iowans Helped 110,000-181,000 (1st 3 yrs) 66,580 (capped, demand exceeds supply)
Cover all legal Iowans with single incomes under $14,856/yr Yes No
Coverage Location and Access Statewide Only 2 hospitals (Des Moines and Iowa City), plus 6 health centers*
Primary Care Coverage Yes, statewide Just 8 designated medical homes*
Prescription Drug Coverage Yes (required) No
Mental Health Coverage Yes (required) No
Transportation Covered Some No
Local Rehabilitative Service Yes (required) Not at any non-IowaCare provider
Federal Taxpayer Costs Yes (already appropriated and allocated by ACA) Yes (would require allocation, if Feds approve and renew)
Iowa State Taxpayer Costs $0 (1st 3 yrs); 10% after 2020 $48 million next 2 yrs alone
Polk County Tax Levy Used No (not for Expansion) 0% Yes (used for 22% of match)
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