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Join AARPNY to consider ways to meet the challenge of finding purpose & life balance in your post-employment years. You’ll be invited to:
Pet Connection
Join AARPNY for a three-week webinar series that explores the human-animal bond. Experts explore why we love our pets so much, how that evolved, and how animals can enhance our lives as we age. Whether our pets get us outdoors walking, provide companionship and physical contact, or just get us laughing, these relationships can be invaluable and enhance health outcomes.
Baseball Fans
Take in some Atlantic League baseball this season at the Long Island Ducks’ home, Fairfield Properties Ballpark, and get a chance to win a luxury experience. 
Entrepreneurial Series
Join AARP NY for a three-part virtual Entrepreneurial Series designed to provide small business owners with tools and resources to grow and enhance their businesses.
Got health questions? Have a talk, or take a stroll, with a doc. AARP on Long Island is sponsoring a series of free virtual presentations and in-person walking events, hosted by the Long Island Health Collaborative, an initiative of the Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council.
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The heart of the quest for LGBTQ+ rights is in New York’s Greenwich Village at the Stonewall Inn. In 1969, same-sex dancing could mean being arrested and when police raided the Inn on Friday, June 27, this time they were met with defiance.
AARP NY is proud to celebrate Black Music Month this June to honor African American musical influences and culture. AARP members and guests are invited to join us for a FREE couch concert, plus an interactive hand drumming demonstrations and Caregiving discussion.
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AARP NY and our friends at Audubon NY are proud to present a 4-part series, Birds in Your Backyard & Beyond. This program is meant for anyone who has an interest in watching birds and attracting them to your yard. We’ll review birding skills, ways to identify birds in our neighborhoods and nearby natural areas, and the incredible diversity of birds around us.
Celebrating AAPI month
AARP New York is proud to celebrate May with exciting, educational and FREE events in honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! Join us as we have programming that will highlight the diverse culture, richness, heritage and history of our AAPI family.
AARP NY is proud to present a virtual program titled Guided Meditations for Increased Mental Acuity, Focus, Problem Solving, and Physical Coordination. The interactive 3-part series will be led by Ila Gupta MA., Psych. 
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