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Voters 50+ Accounted for Nearly 2/3 of NYC Voters in June Primaries: New Data

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Most Powerful Voting Bloc Says Protecting Social Security & Medicare, Helping People Age at Home are Strong Motivators

En Español | NEW YORK, N.Y. — Voters age 50 and up accounted for nearly two-thirds of New York City voters in the June 28 primary – and nearly 80% in the Bronx and Staten Island - according to an analysis of voter records from the New York City Board of Elections by Gotham Government Relations LLC.

Of the 532,563 City residents who cast ballots in the June primary, 353,000 (66.3%) were 50+ .

The analysis shows the City’s 50+ made up a majority (51.1%) of City voters in the 2020 Presidential election (1,466,205 of 2,866,658), and an even higher proportion of actual voters in off-year elections; in both 2021 and 2019, the 50+ accounted for nearly 65% of all City voters (737,226 of 1,140,064 in 2021 and 472,357 of 728,729 in 2019).

“Voters 50+ consistently show up to the polls in much greater numbers than their younger counterparts, and New York City voters confirmed this in June,” said AARP New York State Director Beth Finkel. “This extremely powerful voting bloc has made it clear that key issues like protecting and strengthening Social Security and Medicare and supporting people to live in their own homes with independence and dignity as long as possible are powerful motivators when they vote. It is crystal clear that candidates who want to win must pay attention to issues that matter to 50+ voters.

“The 50+ are our most powerful voters – and they will be the deciders in the 2022 elections,” Finkel added.

In the last congressional midterm general election in 2018, New Yorkers age 50 and up accounted for just under 60% of those who actually voted statewide, though the 50+ typically account for a higher percentage of voters in primary elections.

In New York City in June, 50+ voting was highest, proportionally, in the least populated boroughs and lowest in the highest-populated boroughs – reflecting the concentration of 50+ registered voters.

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New York is holding U.S. House and State Senate primaries next Tuesday, August 23; early voting in those races began this week.

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AARP is fighting for voters 50+ to make their voices heard on the issues that matter – especially with rising prices, people struggling to pay for groceries and gas, dealing with the pandemic, and retirement savings in crisis - including:

  • Fighting to protect and strengthen the Social Security benefits Americans have paid into and earned through years of hard work;
  • Urging Congress to protect and improve Medicare benefits.
  • Fighting to lower prescription drug prices – including passage by Congress last week of legislation letting Medicare negotiate lower drug prices and capping seniors’ out-of-pocket drug costs;
  • Fighting for family caregivers who risk their careers and financial futures to care for parents, spouses, and other loved ones;
  • Fighting for older Americans who want to live independently at home and not be forced into subpar nursing homes;
  • Fighting for Americans to access the health care they need, especially those struggling financially;
  • Fighting to make sure every worker has a chance to save the money they need to take control of their future;
  • Fighting to make sure voters 50+ in rural communities can get the health care they need and stay connected to work and family.

AARP is calling on candidates to propose solutions to address these and other challenges.

AARP is strictly non-partisan, and does not endorse candidates, does not contribute to candidates’ campaigns and does not have a political action committee.

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