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Big win for those caring for loved ones across state lines

The North Carolina General Assembly passed an Act that will make caring for loved ones across state lines easier. North Carolina was one of only a handful of states without the Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings and Jurisdiction Act, uniform laws that simplify the process of establishing legal guardianship when it was first established in another state. This Act will reduce the legal fees, delays in care and the red tape guardians often face when bringing their loved ones to North Carolina.

The following is a statement by AARP North Carolina Director Doug Dickerson about the significance of the Act.

In addition to the legislative sponsors, AARP is especially thankful to all of the volunteers and members who took action to help support the bill's passage.


The Act is important for family caregivers who care for loved ones living across state lines. North Carolina has adopted an Act that will help save time and money for guardians and conservators, allowing them to make important decisions for their loved ones as quickly as possible.”

As society ages and becomes more mobile, issues with guardianship orders have caused conflicts among states. Before the Legislature acted, North Carolina was one of a handful of states without a Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings and Jurisdiction Act (UAGPPJA), which meant that it didn’t recognize guardianship orders from states where the law has been enacted and vice versa. This can bog down the courts and can be expensive for family caregivers who face added legal fees and delays in care.

To provide uniformity and reduce jurisdictional conflicts with other states, AARP volunteers and advocates for quality health care pushed for the creation of the UAGPPJA in North Carolina.

AARP especially thanks the bill sponsors Representatives Rena Turner, Graig Meyer, Jean Farmer-Butterfield and Pat Hurley, as well as the Senators Shirley Randleman, Chad Barefoot, Warren Daniel and Gladys Robinson.

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