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Free learning series: Preserving your Stories of Service and Sacrifice

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The stories of your service to our nation are so important and must always be remembered. AARP can help you curate, record and store your memories. Whether stories about the friends you made or lost, basic training, the challenges you overcame, or the battles you fought, your memories can easily live on for all to remember. A smart phone is all you will need to participate in this FREE, four-part, virtual series led by professional curator, storyteller, and videographer Jon Camp. The courses are available to anyone and are listed in Eastern Time. Please register for each class individually.

Lesson One: The Big Idea - Tuesday, June 6, 12 noon ET
Why is it important to share your story? How do you decide what life chapters are worth exploring? This session covers some basics when it comes to collecting your ideas and mapping out your story. REGISTER HERE

Lesson Two: Curating and Capturing Your Stories, Tuesday, June 13, 12 noon
How do you prepare for your “life review?” What are the basic ways you can tell your story? What do you need to put together before you hit “record?” You’ll learn all about capturing your stories and more in lesson two. REGISTER HERE

Lesson Three: Hitting Record, Tuesday, June 20, 12 noon
If it is worth doing, its worth doing well. Lesson three will cover how to make a high-quality video or audio recording using your smartphone. REGISTER HERE

Lesson Four: Staying Power, Tuesday, June 27, 12 noon
Now that you have recorded your stories, what do you do with them, where do you store them and preserve them for generations to come? Learn all about video and audio storage and sharing in lesson four. REGISTER HERE
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