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Robert Palombo honored as a top AARP volunteer leader

Washington, DC – Last week, Robert Palombo of Southern Shores participated in the graduation ceremony for AARP’s Volunteer Leadership Institute or VLI.

What digital divide? AARPNC President Bob Palombo and AARPWV President Richard Stonestreet are bridging the digital divide with TEK training from AARP.

VLI is a rigorous and innovative training opportunity launched by AARP in December 2012 to mobilize highly skilled and motivated AARP volunteers to the next level of volunteer leadership.  This third VLI class was designed and scheduled to appeal to the “new breed” of volunteer -  tech savvy leaders who may still be in the workforce.  Participants met both in person and virtually over a six-month period and used their new skills, techniques and knowledge to work more effectively with their AARP state office or program partners as leaders of volunteer teams and in the community.

“Robert Palmobo’s work on behalf of AARP’s 1.1 million members in North Carolina has been so valuable to those who are relying on the Social Security benefits they’ve earned, to those who want to keep more of their earnings and improve their retirement savings and to those who are challenged by providing care to family members or loved ones,” said AARP North Carolina Director Doug Dickerson. As President of AARP North Carolina, Palombo leads the volunteers statewide who are making big differences in their communities every day.

Palombo, a retired principal and school administrator said, “Young or old, we all can make a big difference when it comes to successful aging. The policy decisions we make today most effect future generations, not today’s retirees. I want to ensure opportunities for my kids, grandchildren and for the generations to come.”

AARP is one of the leading volunteer organizations in the nation, with more than 55,000 active volunteers.   Earlier VLI graduates have made early strides as well, taking on new responsibilities, such as serving on committees and task forces; representing AARP as subject matter experts at events and conferences; and reaching thousands of people through speaking engagements.




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