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Take Action to Improve the Lives of Family Caregivers



When it's time for someone to care for you or someone you love, don't you want your caregiver to have less stress and less government hassle? Take Action!

Families coping with Alzheimer’s and other health issues have waited long enough -- send your state senator a message now asking support for House Bills 816 and 817!

Last week, AARP volunteers from around the state went to State Senators' offices seeking their support for Family Caregiver legislation and for North Carolina to join the other 43 states that recognize Uniform Adult Guardianship.  You can make a difference from home!  Join them in urging State Senators to pass these bills this month so family caregivers have fewer hurdles to jump!

Families providing care for loved ones across state lines can face unnecessary duplicated legal costs, hassle and wasted time when they need to move a loved one to North Carolina to provide closer care.  If the State Senate passes House Bill 817 this May, no longer will caregivers have to endure the stress and financial strain of duplicate court costs and attorney fees for guardianship orders in both North Carolina and other states. Don't our caregivers have enough to do already? Join us to cut this red tape and financial stress!

Have you ever cared for a loved one while trying to hold down your job at the same time?  AARP is also encouraging the State Senate to pass a study bill (House Bill 816) to look at the needs of family caregivers who are still trying to work.

Take Action to improve the lives of family caregivers in North Carolina!

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