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They're at it again

Congress just got back to DC, and it may not be long before Social Security is on the chopping block. With the government estimated to hit the debt ceiling by mid-October, the pressure is on for the president and Congress to make a deal.

That means chained CPI, a proposal President Obama made earlier this year, could be back on the table – and if it passes Congress, your Social Security benefits would be cut by thousands of dollars.

This could be a critical chance to protect the benefits you've earned. So to put the pressure on Washington to say no to chained CPI, we've created a special form that will show Congress and the president exactly who will be affected by cuts to Social Security. It's simple – just fill in the blanks to deliver your personalized message directly to President Obama and your members of Congress. Send your message now.

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If Congress and the president make a deal that includes chained CPI, the impact could be devastating. Year-after-year, your cost-of-living adjustment will get smaller and smaller, making it increasingly difficult for people like you to afford prescriptions, buy groceries, or pay the heating bill.

We need to stop Washington from passing chained CPI once and for all. Social Security doesn't add to the deficit, and should not be a piggy bank to fix it. Send your customized letter directly to the president and your members of Congress today, and tell them to say NO to chained CPI.

We need your support now more than ever to stop this harmful plan from becoming law. Thanks for speaking up.

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