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Urge NC House to sustain "Ag Gag" veto

AARP came out against State House Bill 405 – the Property Protection Act also known as the ‘Ag-Gag’ bill in recent weeks.  Last week, AARP asked the Governor to veto this bill after it passed the Senate because the bill goes too far and applies to all businesses, not just agricultural businesses, and could discourage whistleblowing by employees.  We need employees ready to blow the whistle when abuse, neglect or unethical acts are occurring in and around our most vulnerable populations of seniors and kids.

We need NC House members to sustain the veto and NOT to override it.  The vote will be a straight up or down vote without amendments.  Some House members are thinking that the bill has been amended.  It has not.

We need you to get on the phone and call the following State House members to urge that they sustain the Governor’s veto!

Tell them the following:

I understand that the House is about to take up House Bill 405 – the Ag-Gag bill that was vetoed by the Governor last week.  This bill goes too far and I need you to sustain the Governor’s veto so that it sticks.  We don’t want our employees at nursing homes and health care facilities fearing for their jobs or against lawsuits if they report abuse or neglect against our seniors.    Vote to sustain the veto! 

Rep. Rick Catlin of New Hanover County - 919-733-5830 –

Rep. Dan Bishop of Mecklenburg County - 919-715-3009 –

Rep. Stephen Ross of Alamance County - 919-733-5820 –

Rep. Paul Tine of Beaufort, Dare, Hyde, Washington Counties - 919-733-5906 –

Rep. Elmer Floyd of Cumberland County - 910-488-6903 –

Rep. Leo Daughtry of Johnston County - 919-733-5605 –

Rep. Rick Glazier of Cumberland County - 919-733-5601 –

Rep. Michael Wray of Halifax, Northampton Counties - 919-733-5662 –

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