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What North Carolinians Are Saying about the Future of Medicare and Social Security

Americans have paid into Medicare and Social Security and they've earned a voice in the debate about the future of these programs.

That's why AARP launched You've Earned a Say in 2012


— to take the conversation about Medicare and Social Security out from behind closed doors in Washington and bring it into states and communities across the nation.

AARP is working to make all Americans' voices heard so we can keep Medicare and Social Security strong for future generations. More than a million people across the country throughout the United States have taken the first of three You've Earned a Say questionnaires.

Over 80,000 people in North Carolina completed three questionnaires at events in their communities, on, through the AARP Bulletin, or by phone. North Carolinians have earned their say about Medicare and Social Security. Read this report to find out what they have told us…

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