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New AARP data shows that now is the time for Ohio lawmakers to pass commonsense legislation to protect nursing home residents.
This is your opportunity to help the next generation of Ohioans cope with this horrible disease.
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Ohio’s acclaimed Bobby Floyd brings you a new virtual concert, honoring the 2021 AARP Ohio Caregiver of the Year.
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Each year, November is set aside as National Family Caregivers Month. Year round, AARP Ohio continues to advocate for the 1.5 million Ohioans who are caring after a spouse, parent, adult child or loved one.
Ohio family caregivers are responsible for close to $17 billion in unpaid work every year. A series of new bills aims to assist those helping the state's aging population.
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AARP Ohio is once again excited to celebrate Pride Month. Learn about what we are doing with Stonewall Columbus and Lavender Listings, and the resources we have for LGBTQ caretakers.
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AARP Ohio Volunteer Chris Hughes shares why she loves volunteering her time with AARP.
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No matter where you are in the caregiver journey, these local agencies and organizations can help make the process easier
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Join AARP Ohio at the Lincoln Theatre as we celebrate the holiday season and family caregivers!
Virtual Workshops for Family Caregivers
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