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NOV 11, 2019
The biggest shopping season of the year is, unfortunately, also the biggest scamming season. Criminals are out in force during the holidays trying to steal your money and personal information. Learn about ways to help protect you and your loved ones.
NOV 8, 2019
Frank Abagnale shares tips and tools to help stop scammers
NOV 7, 2019
Some people might say that Geneva Craig, RN, Ph.D., is a person who helps build bridges between people and across communities with her gentle tenacity and stellar storytelling.
NOV 2, 2019
Once upon a time, a friend wrote a friend who had some influence on municipal matters. The friend of my friend wrote - emailed, actually – her friend who had a friend who had more influence than the former friend. This third influential friend coincidentally had a friend who had greater influential influence than the previous friend.
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AARP Awards “Challenge Grants” to 159 Communities Across the Country
Metro's Transportation 2020 and Our Region's Transportation Future
Learn about ways to protect yourself and your loved ones at our free, two-part webinar.
Lobby day steps of capitol.jpg
Volunteers and advocates made a difference at the capitol
Learning books photo
Rediscovering the joys of lifelong learning
OregonSaves is a new and easy way to save for retirement
Eugene woman makes a difference in her community!
Don't miss the largest one-day ADU tour!
Low-income housing-streetcard Portland.jpeg
Governor Kate Brown proclaimed Monday June 3 as Age Friendly Oregon Day saying, “I support initiatives and opportunities for communities to engage in the National Network of Age Friendly Cities.”
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