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Portland Women's Expo 3/15/14

PDX Womens Expo 2013
Have your photo taken at the AARP booth.

Ahh Saturday. It’s arguably the best day of the week. I mean, for the most part, you get to sleep in. Do whatever you like. And not have to worry about waking up early for work the next morning. It is the backbone of the weekend. That one special day of the week that encompasses exciting promises and adventurous plans. But, for as amazing as it is, there does exist one problem with Saturday; it’s one day. You can only do so much, or go so many places in 24 hours. But a small group of individuals wanting to make a local impact thought about this. They thought about just how great it would be if, just for once, you could do all the things that you love to do on Saturday—shopping, wine tasting, watching shows—all in one day. And even better, by participating, you would help make a difference in the lives of families all across Portland.

And with that simple idea, the Portland Women’s Expo Foundation was born. Every year, this nonprofit dedicated to providing displaced families with essential resources holds their keynote fundraising event called, you guessed, “The Portland Women’s Expo.” The event, held this year at the Oregon Convention Center on March 15th (this Saturday) from 10am to 6pm, brings together 300 different exhibitors all for your enjoyment. Relax in their fabled massage garden with 12 masseuses to help you alleviate all of your stresses. Sample the many different wines and beers from around the state. Score free food like chocolate, charcuterie, and cheese. Or come hangout with us in the AARP Booth.

We’ll be there all day talking to women about planning ahead for a healthy and secure future. We’ll be accompanied by a superb volunteer staff there to make sure you have a great experience, receive great prizes during give-aways, and most importantly, walk away with valuable information. Limelight Photo will also be joining us in our booth with costumes and props for you and your friends to take fun photos with that express your spirit, hopes, and aspirations.

No matter what it is that you love to do on Saturday, you can find it at the Portland Women’s Expo. And the best part is, by simply coming and enjoying yourself, displaced and homeless families all around Portland receive the care and shelter they need to survive. In other words, this coming Saturday is going to be, in a word, perfect. It’s taking an already superb day of the week, and making it not only that much better, but that much more significant. Some come join us this Saturday at the Portland Women’s Expo to share your stories, taste some wine, eat some chocolate, and make a difference.

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